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metabolism which means


The proportion of fat in the diet should be no more than 15-20% of the total daily number of calories. As for proteins, the body is able to absorb well, a maximum of 30-40 grams of protein at a time.

Mistake 3. Want a lot, eat carbohydrates

In fact, muscle is built from protein. And carbohydrates are fuels that provide energy for intense workouts aimed at increasing mass..

How much carbohydrate do you need? About 4-5 grams per kilogram of body weight daily. No more, but no less. This will be enough to ensure high muscle tone and quick recovery..

Error 4. I am an amateur, and therefore I do not need protein

Such a phrase can be heard from those who go to the gym only to make the muscles more elastic and visible. And not like Arnold or Dorian Yats.

It would seem that protein-like supplements are really not needed for these guys. But this is only at first glance. In any case, the muscles should increase - grow in volume.

grams protein

Well, muscle growth is fundamentally impossible if there are less than 2 grams of protein per kilogram of an athletes own weight. The problem is that the body urgently needs proteins for its own life - for example, blood formation and synthesis of hormones.

Underestimate the bodys dietary protein - and it will begin to devour your own muscle tissue, peeling protein amino acids from it. What a mass growth! Hence the conclusion: with any type of training, keep the protein in focus!

Error 5. I eat three times a day and this is enough for me

Nothing like this! It is impossible to "cram" all the necessary nutrients in three steps write. Its just like elephant servings! But even if you can swallow them, there are two other problems..

Firstly, large portions are poorly absorbed. In fact, this means this. Gastric juice, bile, and digestive enzymes are enough for some of the food, but not for the remainder..

As a result, the excess goes out right in your intestines. Hence the increased gas formation and symptoms of food poisoning: lethargy and weakness.

And secondly, if there is rarely and in large quantities, excess fats, carbohydrates and proteins will necessarily reward you with solid fat deposits.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are a tradition based on social structure and tailored to fit the working day. But not all traditions are worth observing. For health and optimal absorption of nutrients, it is much more beneficial to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions..

grams protein

Error 6. To lose weight, you need to eat less

"Hungry" diets help lose weight only for a while. At the same time, along with fat, you will inevitably lose muscle. In addition, not getting enough calories your body goes into a saving mode.

Well, this means slowing down all biological processes, including the "burning" of fat. Hence the typical effect of all "hungry" diets: first, the weight drops, but then tightly stabilizes. In order to reliably progress in dropping subcutaneous layers, it is necessary to connect training with weights to the diet.

By itself, it spurs the metabolism, which means that it will not let the process of burning fat go out. The second condition: aerobics. It with guarantee accelerates the "melting" of fats.

Mistake 7. Today I overeaten, tomorrow I went hungry - and everything is fine

Eating a weekly norm of calories at the festive table is, of course, a sin for a bodybuilder. But theres no point in grinding him for hunger strikes tomorrow..

A low-calorie diet (even just a day long) will certainly slow down the metabolism, which means you will deprive yourself of the energy necessary for hard training. So, if you allow yourself too much, do not rush to the other extreme. Just go back to your normal diet.

Mistake 8. Want to keep fit, skip breakfast

In the morning, the metabolic rate is the highest. This means that the risk of body fat is minimal. During the day, the exchange gradually slows down, and by midnight it reaches the lowest mark. So it turns out that the evening reception write the most dangerous. Meanwhile, many pitching for fear of leaving the muscles all night without nutrient material consciously eat right before bedtime.

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