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Mr. Olympia. Last 2019 and 2018 and from the very beginning

Dorian Yates

Mr. Olympia. Last 2019 and 2018 and from the very beginning

Mr. Olympia is one of the most prestigious bodybuilding competitions. It is held under the auspices of the IFBB bodybuilding federation..

Mr. Olympia is one of the most prestigious bodybuilding competitions. It is held under the auspices of the Federation of Bodybuilding (Eng.International Federation of Bodybuilding, IFBB).

Let's start with the most significant and last event, Mr. Olympia 2019. On the video you can see how it was. And then we will analyze everything in order. How it all began ...

Video: Mr. Olympia 2019 - Brandon Kerry

Mr. Olympia - the beginning

The main significant bodybuilding tournaments in the 1960s. were Mr. America, Mr. World, Mr. Universe. The rules established by the IFBB, AAU and NABBA federations prohibited the winners of these tournaments from competing for victory again. This avoided the defeat in the tournament of champions.

At the same time, since the champions did not stay in the tournament, this made it possible for the young to strive for victory and obtaining honorary titles. But for the champions, this was the end of the competition, they no longer had an incentive to train and develop their muscles further.

It was decided to create a contest for the greats, thanks to which the greatest of the greats could appear.

So, it was decided to add such a contest to the annual IFBB competition schedule.

On September 18, 1965, in addition to Mr. America and Mr. Universe, another tournament was held where only the best of the two tournaments were allowed. The IFBB Board of Directors at that time had not yet determined the name of the tournament and announced a poll for the new name with the proposal "Mr. Olympic" (The final name "Mr. Olympia" was adopted in June 1965).

Participation in this tournament was possible only for the winners of the main bodybuilding tournaments "Mr. America", "Mr. World", "Mr. Universe".

Today, the top three winners of the last Olympia receive an invitation to the tournament, as well as the winners of such prestigious competitions as Arnold Classic, New York Pro, Australia Pro, Ironman Pro, Hungary Grand Prix.

First competition Mr. Olympia

It began on September 18, 1965. The crowd burst into a standing ovation in anticipation of the legendary Larry Scott, this was the first ever Mr. Olympia tournament. Joe Vader noted that great athletes like Larry Scott have no future in bodybuilding and do not have new goals that they could aspire to..

The tournament Mr. Olympia was supposed to help athletes earn from competition among bodybuilding champions. That year, Larry Scott became the winner and reaffirmed his title in 1966. In 1967, Larry announced that he would no longer participate in the tournament..

Mr. Olympia - the new champions

In 1967, Sergio Oliva (known as the "Myth") won the third match.

He was in very good shape. He was so good that he won in 1968 with virtually no competition..

However, Sergio was waiting for the biggest challenge, and in 1969 the biggest confrontation in the history of bodybuilding begins. The young Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed to win. Still, Sergio won the third time in a row, but Arnold promised that this would not happen again.

Mr. Olympia 1970s

Both athletes trained hard over the next year, and in September 1970 Arnold won and became the third holder of the title Mr. Olympia. Arnold said that he will be the owner of the title, until he ceases to participate in the tournament, no one can defeat him.

In 1971, Arnold defeated again without much competition. For the first time, the show took place outside of New York, in Paris, a week after the NABBA "Mr. Universe" in London.

In 1972, Olympia moved to Essen, Germany, where a new epic battle broke out between Sergio and Arnold. The debate about that tournament went on for a long time. The decision was made by seven judges and by a decision of four against three, Arnold won again.

Kevin Levron

In 1973, Olympia was held again in New York, Arnold won again. His rivals were Franco Colombo and Serge Nibre, and for him it was an easy victory, but the next year he was faced with a serious challenge associated with the appearance in the professional of Lou Ferigne.

Having endured resistance rising 197 cm, weighing 132 kg by Lou Ferigne, Arnold received 5 statuette. The show was held in New York at Madison Square Garden. Rumors began to spread that Arnold wanted to leave..

In 1975, the competition moved to South Africa and was forever imprinted in the movie "Pumping Iron".

Many of Arnolds relatives understood that he was competing because the tournament was filmed and this could give an impetus to Arnolds movie career. This contest was also given to Arnold easily and immediately Arnold announced his resignation.

In 1976, Olympia was held in Columbus, Ohio, hosted by Arnold and Jim Lorimer. After 5 years of trying, Franco Colombo finally got the title of Mr. Olympia. This was not an easy victory - Frank Zane was his opponent. Colombo announces resignation after match.

The following year 1977 was the year of Zane. In Columbus, he showed high muscle quality and repeated victory in 1978.1979, proving that Mr. Olympia does not have to be big, but must have good musculature. In 1980, Zane was about to win again, but due to the appearance of Arnold, this Olympia became the most controversial in history..

Mr. Olympia 1980s

In 1980, the competition was held in Australia. Arnold again participated in the filming of the film, and some even thought that he would be a television commentator for Olympia when they saw the cameras together with Arnold traveling to Australia. This year Arnold stepped onto the podium and won the seventh title, Mr. Olympia. Its still not clear why Arnold returned.

In 1981, Arnold again spent Olympia with Jim Lorimer in Columbus, he organized the return of his friend Franco Colombo, who became Mr. Olympia this year.

In 1982, Olympia was first held in London, England. Chris Dickerson won, who in the previous two years was in second place. Chris immediately announced his resignation.

In 1983, the competition returned to Germany, Munich, where the Lebanon Lion Samir Banut won. He fought with Mohammed Maccabee from Egypt and the newly arrived Lee Haney from the USA. Samir had everything that was needed to win, but no one expected Lee Haney to break through.

In 1984, New York met the largest number of spectators at the Olympia finals (5,000), 4,200 spectators attended the preliminary judging, and the largest award for winning $ 100,000. This Olympia also had the biggest winner ever - Lee Haney (in the competition, he weighed 112 kg with a height of 180 cm). He was big, he was embossed, he was invincible.

In 1985, Mr. Olympia was held in Belgium. Haney was the leader again, defending his title against Albert Beckles and Rich Gaspari. Only these two mattered to Lee Haney. Many people felt that Lee Haney on the stage of Olympia in 1986 was the best Mr. Olympia. Lee won his third statuette and directed his forces to break Arnold's record.

In 1987, Mr. Olympia tournament was held in Sweden, but the result has not changed. Lee Haney was definitely a leader.

In 1988, Olympia was held in her hometown of Los Angeles. The amphitheater was packed with 6,000 people who came to see if Lee Haney could continue her journey to the title of the greatest Mr. Olympia. With the most prize money, $ 150,000, Haney won again for the fifth time. For the third consecutive year, rich gaspary second.

The following 1989 met Olympia in Rome, Italy, on the Adriatic coast. This Olympia was a test for Lee Haney, he had to confront the athletes Lee Labrada and Vince Taylor.

For the first time, people doubted Haneys leadership and many believed that he was just lucky. Still, Lee Haney wins and becomes six-time Mr. Olympia, like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mr. Olympia 1990s

In 1990, 4,400 people packed the Chicago Eri Crown Theater. The prize pool was $ 200,000 for the first time since Haney decided to win for the seventh time. If 1989 was a difficult year for Haney, 1990 he almost lost. After two laps, he was two points behind, but perked up in a circular pose and went around Lee Labrad and Sean Ray. Haney was now a seven-time champion.

Orlando, Florida. The 1991 Olympia tournament was held here. Lee Haney was aiming for the eighth victory, but for the first time he met an opponent of the same height of 180 cm and a weight of 111 kg, Dorian Yates, the "beast from Britain." Four points separated them after two laps, but Haney broke out in 3 and 4 laps, and won the title by Mr. Olympia for the eighth time.

In 1992, Olympia was held in Helsinki, Finland. A new Mr. Olympia was expected, as Lee Haney announced the termination of participation in the tournament with a record of 8 consecutive wins. The battle between the US champion 1991, Kevin Levron and Dorian Yates took place. But after the first round, Yates broke out and won the tournament.

A new Mr. Olympia has been crowned, but has a new era begun?

Nothing could stop the amazing Yates in 1993 in Atlanta, as he increased the weight to 117 kg. Even runner-up Flex Wheeler called him "unattainable." It seemed that the Yats would still possess the crown of Olympia.

However, 1994 was a horrific year. In March, he seriously injured his left shoulder, a little later that same month tore his left quadriceps and tore his left biceps 9 weeks before Olympia. Yats shed sweat and blood and nothing, not even an injury, could stop him on the road to victory. He arrived in Atlanta to receive the third Sandov statuette, but Yats's invincibility was already in question..

took place

In 1995, Dorian Yates returned to Atlanta to win a swift victory with the body, the best for all his years of performances. The second was Kevin Levron, but there was a new threat weighing 123 kg Nasser El Sonbati. That night, not only Yates was Mr. Olympia on that stage. At a unique ceremony, for the first time, all nine Mr. Olympia title holders took to the stage to pay tribute to tournament creator Joe Vader.

In 1996, Olympia was held in Chicago. In the city of winds, the Yates cruised to victory, vying with Sean Ray and Kevin Levron. It was the fifth victory of the Briton, and how in 1994 doubts arose about his invincibility.

In 1997, Mr. Olympia arrived on Long Beach. The prize fund was $ 285,000, first place was $ 110,000, and bodybuilders were recognized as professional athletes in the full sense of the word.

Dorian Yates was about to become a six-time Mr. Olympia. Nasser El Sonbati was in his best shape, but the judges recognized Dorian Yates as the winner, although there were opinions that Sonbati was better. An interesting battle was expected between the athletes, as Yats announced that in 1998 he was going to get a seventh victory.

Most people did not know that Dorian suffered a triceps rupture several months before the show. As a solid champion, he did not say anything and competed. After the competition, he underwent a muscle recovery exercise, but this could impede participation in 1998..

In 1998, Olympia again took place in New York and a new Mr. Olympia was to be selected. The new 10th Mr. Olympia was the 34-year-old Texas largest police officer Ronnie Coleman, 177 cm tall and weighing 121 kg. The second was Flex Wheeler

October 23, 1999 Mr. Olympia tournament was held in Las Vegas. 5000 spectators watched the victory of the incredible Ronnie Coleman.

Mr. Olympia 2000s

In 2000, Coleman performed at Olympia in even better shape with a wide margin from the rest of the participants. Again Flex Wheeler and Kevin Levron divided second and third place.

The year 2001 became more stressful for Ronnie Coleman. Jay Cutler appeared on the Olympia podium, winning the first two rounds. But Ronnie still snatched victory, not wanting to admit that Cutler's physical form is better.

In 2002, Ronnie won again, beating Kevin Levron and Gunther Schlierkampf.

In 2003, the 39-year-old Coleman easily won the sixth victory. And Jay and Kevin were far from him. Ronnie was the best, and according to many, Ronnie will be the champion for a long time. Chris Cormier dropped out of competition due to illness.

In 2004, the format of Olympia changed. AMI took control of Olympia and the new competition had 4 rounds. Ronnie Coleman again took first place, Jay Cutler - second. Jay vowed that 2005 he would overthrow King Ron from the throne.

In 2005, Olympia was held at the Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas. Ronnie, at the age of 41, became Mr. Olympia for the eighth time and was close to breaking all bodybuilding records. Second - Jay Cutler again.

In 2006, Jay Cutler weighing 130 kg with a height of 175 cm still became Mr. Olympia.

In 2007, Cutler won again, although there was a lot of debate about the justice of his victory. Victor Martinez and Dexter Jackson were in very good shape that year..

In 2008, a new Mr. Olympia appeared - Dexter Jackson, who went a long way towards this, competing for 10 years in 47 tournaments. Although Dexter weighed 107 kg (14 kg less than Cutler), he won due to perfect terrain and proportions, beating Cutler by 7 points.

In 2009, Olympia again took place in Las Vegas. The updated Jay Cutler appeared on the podium. And not only his hair style was renewed in him, he pretty much worked on the quality of muscles and became the third time Mr. Olympia.

Mr. Olympia 2010s

In 2010, Jay Cutler became the winner again, although the victory was not easy for him, because he competed with the new favorite Phil Heath, as he was called Gift. All the same, Jay won for the fourth time..

In 2011, a new, 13th Mr. Olympia arose and it was Phil Heath. Over the past year, Phil has become even better, Cutler remained in second place and gave way to a young champion. Phil was 31 years old.

In 2012, the highest title in the world of bodybuilding - Mr. Olympia - including the prize pool of a quarter of a million US dollars, was received by the current world champion Phil Heath. The hit wins for the second year in a row: the guy follows in the footsteps of the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is known to have repeatedly become Mr. Olympia.

year 2013. The most prestigious world tournament among bodybuilders "Mr. Olympia" was held in Las Vegas from September 27 to 28.

The intrigue of the competition took place. The winner of last years tournament, Phil Heath, became the three-time Mr. Olympia. Breathing in the back of the head athletes such as Kai Green, Branch Warren and a forty-three-year-old veteran, winner of the 2008 tournament, Dexter Jackson, were left at a loss..

Video: Mr. Olympia 2013

Olympia held, Dorian Yates, first time, Kevin Levron, took place