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Science news

Sport cure

Science news

Science news. Sport is a cure for pain. Read more in the article..

Sport is a cure for pain

When there is pain in the back, especially acute, as, for example, in the case of radiculitis, a person tends to lie down as soon as possible and lies motionless, afraid to move. British doctors convinced more than 100 of their patients to do exactly the opposite in case of a pain attack in the back.

Science news

Now, having felt pain, they had to take up active physical exercises. To the great surprise of the patients themselves, the physical movement not only did not aggravate the pain symptoms, but led to their rapid reduction and even complete cessation of the attack.

14 percent. This is a reduction in sudden deaths among older people practicing light aerobics.

Time gene

Scientists claim that they discovered a gene that plays a role in the body ... hours. Thanks to this gene, many people are able to wake up at the right time without using an alarm clock. It turns out that the "biological clock" that measures the time of our life does exist. With this gene, scientists hope to radically improve the quality of sleep. In sports, this will make recovery extremely effective..

Sport cure

Extra pounds destroy health!

Being overweight is a disease.!

By observing 23,345 fat people for 11 years, scientists have found that being overweight increases the risk of diabetes and is guaranteed to cause heart problems. In addition, fat people are 1.5 times more likely to suffer from asthma. According to scientists, adipose tissue is nothing more than a hormonal gland. If there is a lot of fat on the body, a distortion forms in the hormonal system, which provokes diseases.

All this is an additional argument in favor of sports. Which of the athletes has excess body fat?

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